School not in any crisis – WBHS rector


The Waitaki Boys’ High School Supporters Group held a “shake the rector’s hand day” at the school yesterday to throw their support behind the rector.

It started out as a way to cheer up the teachers, but the Waitaki Boys’ High Supporters Group, which is made up of both senior and junior pupils, wanted to go a step further and involve the rector.

WBHS rector Paul Jackson said the school was doing well.

People needed to go online and check the results, as the school had fantastic results at levels one, two and three, he said.

“The results gained by pupils at this school since 2012 show clearly that there is definitely no ‘point of crisis’ at the school.”

On Friday, the Waitaki Boys’ High School Board of Trustees released education consultant Cleave Hay’s report on issues at the school.

In his report, Mr Hay said he believed the school was at “a point of crisis” and needed “immediate and comprehensive commitment to rectifying a number of significant risks”.

Mr Jackson said a number of pupils had either shaken his hand or told him they were supporting him since the report had been made public.

“The pupils have been very good. They are really supportive,” he said.

A spokesperson for the supporters’ group, who did not want to be identifed, said the initial suggestion, from a teacher, was to have a “hug the teacher day”.

“We took it one step further and thought shaking the rector’s hand would be more appropriate and respectful to show support,” the pupil said.

“We believe the rector needs to know that the students support him and us students don’t want the school to close just because of some teachers who have left the school who did not like him and the way he does things.”

He said pupils at the school remained positive.

“The students are not affected by this at all. The whole thing was started by ex-teachers.  Most don’t understand why ex-teachers are doing this when they don’t work here anymore.”



SUPPORT: Waitaki Boys’ High School pupils Aidan Shelley (left), Zane Sewhoy, Ben McKenzie and Jack Ludemann show their support for the school’s rector Paul Jackson by shaking his hand. The pupils are not members of the WBHS Supporters Group which organised a ‘shake the rector’s hand day’ yesterday.

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