School revamp nearly complete


The upgrade of Fenwick School is almost complete, school principal Lloyd Bokser says.

Multiple changes have been made to the school as part of the development, including painting, reroofing of the veranda area, installing heat pumps and replacing windows and doors.

“This upgrade is to do with a modern learning environment,” he said.

The school was set to reopen to pupils on Monday, February 3 and it looked like the development would be mostly finished by then, he said.

“A wee bit will have to be cordoned off.”

The library could be temporarily closed as well, he said.

Upgrade project manager Michael Forgie said the “modern learning environment” upgrade was on track.

“It’s gone really well, all the contractors have been excellent over the Christmas period,” Mr Forgie said.

The upgrade would be about 90 per cent complete by the time the school reopened on Monday.