Staff feedback leads to new structure for polytech


Aoraki Polytechnic’s chief executive Alex Cabrera has approved a new organisational structure following consultation with staff on corporate and campus administration.

The new structure combines positions in the organisation and as a result reduces the number of management and administration positions.

A new grouping of client services will see Timaru, Ashburton and Oamaru administrations combined.

Aoraki Polytechnic could not be reached for clarification last night over the exact positions impacted at the Oamaru campus.

Mr Cabrera said roles such as the deputy chief executive and executive director had also been disestablished.

“It has taken me time to announce a decision because of the consideration I have given to the feedback received,” Mr Cabrera said.

“I would like to thank those staff that provided feedback, and also the Tertiary Education Union for their comments and the support they have provided to their members.

“I am sincerely sorry that some individuals will be affected. It is never easy to have to face this sort of change.

“However, these changes are necessary for the future of the organisation,” he said.

“My intent is to do everything possible to mitigate the impact on staff, although some positions have been disestablished. Also, some new positions have been created.

“I realise this is an unsettling time for everyone, and I’m hoping to soon have a complete structure including new appointments.”

Aoraki Polytechnic has recently appointed people to fill new positions created as part of the restructuring.

The polytechnic has appointed an academic director and a teaching and learning director, as well as creating a new chief financial officer position.

“The two directors will be focusing on ensuring our students get the best possible education and student experience while studying at Aoraki,” Mr Cabrera said.

The review of Aoraki’s staffing positions, structure and business model is ongoing.

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