Totara School takes a modern learning approach


Totara School is taking a modern approach to learning by implementing team-teaching.

The primary school, which has about 40 children from year 1-8, introduced the teaching method at the beginning of this term and has already seen the benefits.

Principal Brandon Payne said he had seen the approach, which has several teachers taking a larger group of children, being taught at other schools and decided to implement it at Totara School.

Mr Payne, who took up the role of principal earlier this year, said because they are a small school it works well.

“It’s more like a family environment.

“The kids know each other and they work together.”

Each teacher offers their own special set of skills and can collaborate or divide the group to focus more directly on their areas of expertise.

“It’s a more modern approach to teaching.”

It also made children more responsible for the direction of their own education, the first-time principal said.

The method had been working well over the past few weeks, with some good feedback from the children, meaning it was likely they would continue with it.

Another big change at the school was the focus on digital technology and now the school has more than enough digital devices for one between two children.

“It’s good for [the kids] to have that interaction.”

The school would also be refurbishing their administration block, either during the summer holidays or at the end of term 1.

Totara School has had a commissioner in place since September 2013.


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