Candidates feeling good going into election


The 2014 general election will be held tomorrow and while several candidates are not expecting to be elected Waitaki MP, they feel the campaign has been successful.

National candidate and current Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said she was nervous about the upcoming election.

“I’m feeling nervous. I always feel nervous.

“The moment you become confident is the moment you stop trying.

“I’m in a democratic fight for the seat and there are some good candidates alongside me.”

Mrs Dean said she would be doing housework and waiting for friends and family to arrive tomorrow after having a good and busy campaign with hard-working candidates.

Labour candidate Glenda Alexander said she was feeling really good coming into the election.

“I think we have had a good campaign.

“I’m hoping generally that people can see there’s a change needed.

“I think it might be closer than some people think.”

Anything could happen on the day and she would like to think she could win the electorate, Ms Alexander said.

She will be in Oamaru tomorrow making last-minute phone calls (within the limits of the campaign), encouraging people to vote and said she would be holding a gathering in the evening.

Conservative candidate Donald Aubrey said he had spoken to a number of National Party voters who told him they would be splitting their vote between Mr Aubrey for the electorate and National for the party, however, he was encouraging them to give both votes to the Conservative Party.

“I’m pleased with the support that the Conservative Party has received bearing in mind that it is such a new party.

“I won’t get in, but as the highest ranked South Island candidate for the Conservative Party, there have been some valuable lessons learned.”

He will be spending tomorrow with family, friends and supporters following a “constructive” campaign.

Democrats for Social Credit candidate, Hessel van Wieren, was in Cromwell yesterday and said he felt there was more interest in the candidates and the election this year.

He said it was very hard to read if interest in his party’s policies would transpire into votes.

“I’m not sure how much traction I’ve got personally, or the party.”

“If you ask me about my personal confidence (in winning the Waitaki seat) … I’m hopeful, middle-of-the road, not overly confident and not pessimistic.”

Mr van Wieren is self-employed and runs a property maintenance business in Cromwell. He said he would spend tomorrow working in Queensbury.

Sue Coutts, Green Party candidate, said she felt a lot more people were volunteering to help the Greens’ campaign this year, which was a sign that there was a shift across to Green.

She said the party was aiming for 15 per cent of votes in the Waitaki electorate and support had been shown from a mixed demographic.

“A lot of people are saying positive things but its hard to know exactly how we’ll go on Saturday.”

Ms Coutts said she would spend tomorrow phoning prospective Green voters from the party’s database and ensuring they had voted.


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