Voters unfazed by Dotcom’s ‘moment’


With the general election just days away, the Oamaru Mail took to the streets to ask people whether or not Kim Dotcom’s ‘Moment of Truth” would influence the way they voted.

People seemed pretty set on who they were going to vote for in this year’s election and did not take much out of Kim Dotcom’s revelations on Monday night, which involved him claiming that everyone in the country was being spied on.

Twenty people were asked whether or not Dotcom’s claims would influence their voting and the majority of them said no, they had already made up their minds on who they were going to vote for, while others simply shook their heads and walked away.

One Oamaruvian, who declined to be named, said she had not thought about the elections yet.

“I watched it but I haven’t even voted and I’m away to Australia on Friday, so I need to decide by then,” they said.

Seventy-two-year-old Ian Graham said he watched the Kim Dotcom revelation.

“It hasn’t changed how I’ll be voting, as I was always going to vote for the Mana Party, because I’m anti-American. They just have far too bigger influence in things.”

Christchurch man Tim Ashton and his wife Janette weren’t fazed by what Mr Dotcom said.

“No, it won’t influence the way I vote at all. I don’t trust the man at all and think he is an absolute pain to New Zealand and has no right to be here with his money he doesn’t deserve to have,” Mr Ashton said.

Mrs Ashton said she was not concerned by what Dotcom had said.

“It doesn’t bother me in any way what Kim Dotcom said; I have nothing to hide, so they can spy on me all they like; it’s not going to change who I vote for.”


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