Network Waitaki to increase line charges


Network Waitaki will increase its line charges by 7.2 per cent for the average household from April 1.

This equates to about $4.39 a month.

Chief executive Graham Clark said the increase was made up of a 5.8 per cent increase in distribution charges and a 10.7 per cent rise in transmission charges.

“Electricity distribution companies are facing rising costs to comply with new health and safety regulations and additional Commerce Commission and Electricity Authority regulatory reporting and audit requirements,” he said.

“These regulatory compliance requirements require significant costs to be incurred.”

Mr Clark said, as part of the network’s ongoing replacement and renewal programme, they would spend close to $9 million in capital projects this year.

“In order to ensure we have a safe and reliable network, that is resilient enough to deal with present and future demands, an increase in network charges is necessary,” Mr Clark said.

He said a lot of assets were constructed in the mid-1960s and were coming to the end of their life.

Network Waitaki has 12,341 customers connected to its network which covers the area from the Waitaki River to Shag Point, up the Waitaki Valley as far as Ohau and the Hakataramea Valley.bridgemediaAir Jordan