Alliance Pukeuri meat plant unaffected by fire


The truck-car crash which led to a power pole falling over and a fire starting in some trees was no harm to the Alliance Pukeuri meat plant according to Oamaru Police Acting Sergeant Blair Corlet.

The fire occurred after a truck carrying a trailer full of wood pallets clipped the right hand side of a car after it stalled while trying to pull over into a driveway on Thursday evening.

With the truck travelling at close to 90km/h it was unable to avoid hitting the vehicle.

Sergeant Corlet said the meat works were never in trouble.

“They were in danger of getting caught in the fire unless it was left overnight, but the quick reactions of the fire service and them dealing with the fire straight away resulted in the fire being under control quickly.”

He said it was surprising the damage to the car was only moderate.

“Considering the truck would’ve been doing about 90km/h and it didn’t have time to slow down the damage to the car isn’t as bad as expected, it only suffered moderate damage as the truck clipped the right side of the car.”

Police investigations into the accident were still continuing and at this stage it was unclear whether charges would be laid.

Pukeuri plant manager Geoff Proctor said they weren’t worried about the fire.

‘It was incredibly well handled by the fire crew and Network Waitaki and they were confident we could continue as normal without having to evacuate, so we did just that.”


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