New ambulances will make slow move to Oamaru


Oamaru is unlikely to see the new bright yellow ambulances for the next few years, the St John North Otago territory manager says.

In August, St John announced all new ambulances would be painted bright yellow, as it was the most noticeable colour on the road.

St John North Otago territory manager Ken Barton said they would not be getting a new ambulance for quite some time.

They had just started moving through the country now and were being provided to the busier places first, he said.

“I think we’ll see one here within the next five years.”

They were hoping to get one down here for the North Otago A&P Show in February for people to have a look, Mr Barton said.

Apart from the colours the new ambulances were different in design also, he said.

They were called turn-key, meaning they were much easier to handle, Mr Barton said.

“You just turn the key, and away you go.”

They had gone to the more European colours in the hopes of improving road safety and visibility, he said.

The new ambulances also have a bolder design and more reflective signage.


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