Solo gig for Feelers frontman

Pressure man . . . James Reid plays at  the Penguin Club on May 28
Pressure man . . . James Reid plays at the Penguin Club on May 28

James Reid is glad he is welcome back at the Penguin Club.
The Feelers frontman plays a solo gig at the Oamaru venue on May 28 and is looking forward to performing some band classics and his newer solo stuff to an intimate audience.
But he won’t go near any fire extinguishers.
“We’ve played a few times at the Penguin Club. It’s a great spot,” Reid told the Oamaru Mail.
“I do remember one particular incident when Hamish, our drummer, let off one of those fire extinguishers. He thought it was just going to be one of those fun ones. He was playing silly beggars.
“It was one of those powder ones that suck the oxygen completely out of the place. None of us could breathe and we were running to the door, trying to get out. The whole place got covered in white powder.
“My other vivid memory of Oamaru is of actually going to watch all the little penguins clambering ashore in the evening. It was fantastic.”His show will be as bare as it gets: one man, strumming an acoustic guitar and singing.
“It’s nice and intimate and relaxed. I get to have a bit of a chat with the audience.
“It will be quite a fluid show. I like to see how things go. I’ll start with my first set, which is pretty structured, but then just free-flow and see where things go.”Reid now divides his time between his solo work and The Feelers, who have been together nearly 20 years.
He had just finished recording a new solo record _ the first single is out soon _ while The Feelers had a few demos in the works and needed to find time to get into the studio to lay the tracks down, he said.
Like Dave Dobbyn, who played to a rapturous crowd at the Oamaru Club last week, The Feelers had been around long enough to see new waves of fans emerge, Reid said.
“We’ve crossed a few generations now, yeah. It’s fun.
“I remember playing at a rugby game at Carisbrook and seeing little kids singing Feelers songs, and next to them, their grandparents singing. It’s kind of interesting.”url cloneAir Jordan 1 Mid “Bling” Releasing for Women