The Moonrakers set to rock the Opera House


Post-punk musicians are joining forces to rock the town and get people dancing at a gig which will be held in Oamaru at the end of this month.

Oamaru-based band The Moonrakers will be playing at the Oamaru Opera House, with another local band Clothing Disaster on January 31.

The Moonrakers vocalist and guitarist Eden Bradfield said it would be their first time playing at the Opera House.

“It is quite exciting, I’m really just looking forward to playing.”

As a post-punk style band there would be certain people in the town who would really love the style of music at the performance, he said.

It would be exciting and interesting playing with Clothing Disaster, Bradfield said.

“Both bands have sympathetic material.”

The band, which formed about three years ago, started as a result of Mr Bradfield thinking The Moonrakers would be a good name for a band.

The current members of the band are Eden Bradfield as vocalist and guitarist, Austen Mcmillan as drummer and John Baster as bassist.

Mr Bradfield started off playing classical violin but once he had conceived the idea of The Moonrakers he learnt guitar and singing, he said.

“It’s quite a departure from classical violin.”

The band uses an analogue cassette-based four track system for recording their songs.

“The sound quality is quite warm and giving,” Bradfield said.

Both bands will be performing on a stage set up between the pillars in the foyer of the Oamaru Opera House.

It means people could come and stand around for a bit, get something from the bar or dance if they wanted, Bradfield said.

The performance will be at the Oamaru Opera House Grand Foyer at 7pm on January 31.

There is a $5 door charge with concessions for students and over-65s.

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