Oil drilling protest in works


Oamaru will be part of a South Island-wide peaceful protest on Saturday against planned deep sea oil and gas drilling off the Otago coast.

Oamaru woman Robyn Pickens is organising the protest at Friendly Bay as part of Banners on the Beach, which will be held at the same time – midday Saturday – up and down the east coast beaches of the South Island.

Asked if there was much support for the protest in Oamaru, Ms Pickens said there was some.

“Oamaru is quite a conservative town and there doesn’t seem to be enough information out there, only information from the mayor (Gary Kircher),” she said.

“We’re not angry people; our intention is not to be divisive. We want to raise awareness of the threat of deep sea oil drilling; we want more representative information out there.

“I am a concerned independent individual with no formal affiliations. Greenpeace is the umbrella organisation but each region or beach receives no money – it is up to each region to respond and shape their community’s response.”

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