Shark washes up on shore


A female porbeagle shark was found near Kakanui Beach over the weekend.

The porbeagle shark, which is a close relative to the mako, is a common pelagic shark around most of the South Island.

Although it is considered a threatened species in in the North Atlantic, where it has been heavily fished for its meat, the shark appears to be doing well in the Southern Hemisphere.

Department of Conservation scientific officer Clinton Duffy said the porbeagle shark prefers colder water to the mako shark and can be distinguished from the mako by its stocky build, much sharper snout, larger eyes and a conspicuous white blotch covering the free rear tip and lower posterior first dorsal fin, and a small secondary keel on the base of the lower caudal fin.

By Jessie Waitejordan SneakersGOLF NIKE SHOES