Waste Management Ltd to expand, as tip closes


Future collection sites for commercial and domestic rubbish have been revealed by the Waitaki District Council, as the closure of the Oamaru landfill nears.
On Wednesday, assets group manager Neil Jorgensen reported to the Assets Committee that Waste Management Ltd was developing a refuse transfer station to prepare for the closure of the Oamaru landfill in April, when its resource consent expires.
As well as the Waste Management Ltd development, improvements will be made at the Waitaki Resource Recovery Park on Chelmer St.
Once fully operational, the transfer station near Waste Management Ltd’s premises in north Oamaru will mainly cater for commercial or larger volumes of waste, while the resource recovery park will handle smaller quantities of waste, typically generated by domestic users.
Council water services and waste manager Martin Pacey said staff had been working with Waste Management Ltd and the Waitaki Resource Recovery Trust (WRRT) for several months to ensure future demands would be met.
“We’re giving significant consideration to ensuring that we not only provide waste services but we also encourage the public to recycle as much as possible. “The work we are doing with the (WRRT) will help us meet the expectations of the community.”Waste Management Ltd decided to develop a new site for the refuse transfer station near its present site so it could concentrate its activities in a single site, which would be more efficient in the long run.
Mr Jorgensen said there were many ways layout and service at the WRRT site could be improved.
“The improvements seek to address potential issues in site appearance, deferred maintenance, safety and efficiency. A preferred proposal has been identified by the WRRT and it will be discussed with council soon to determine funding options, approval and physical improvements.”The refuse transfer station is due to be commissioned in August, several months after the landfill closes.
However, Mr Jorgensen said steps had been taken to gain a short-term extension of the landfill’s resource consent, which would allow rubbish to continue to be dumped at the landfill.
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