27m saveloy for TV show


A small piece of Oamaru history has been revisited in the town, although it could be described as big in some terms.

Long established Oamaru butchers Campbell’s Butchery made a saveloy this week that stretched longer than a cricket pitch – 27 metres (90ft) to be precise.

Owner Tony Campbell said they had been asked by television show There And Back to make a saveloy to remember an event that occurred in 1974.

“We weren’t trying to go for records; it wasn’t a competition,” Mr Campbell said of the 27m saveloy. “I think the longest sausage is 59km!”

Back in 1974 another Oamaru butcher, the late Alan Ross, of Alan H. Ross & Sons, made a 57ft (17.37m) long saveloy for a Bavarian beer fest which was held in the town.

It was a world record and television cameras came to Oamaru to film the beer fest.

Mr Ross’ son Graeme Ross, of Oamaru, helped make the saveloy also and he was interviewed for There and Back yesterday.

“I can remember making it,” he said of the saveloy. “It didn’t take too long and we loaded it on a truck for the beerfest.”

Footage from the beerfest will be used in There and Back. The show’s host Matt Gibb said they had got the idea for creating a saveloy after watching some archive footage from 1974.

“This clip stood out; we thought it was sort of quirky.”

The latest 27m long saveloy was made by Ollie Walmslie and Tony Kissel, of Campbell’s Butchery.

Mr Walmslie said they used 10.4m skins and filled them with 15kg of saveloy, all in a continuous line.

“This took about five minutes; it was good, just a bit of fun.”

There and Back will screen on the Heartland Channel some time in May.

A date has yet to be set for the Oamaru show.

Filming at other locations around Oamaru has also been undertaken this week at Rod Tempero’s, and Scotts Brewery.

The vintage car club will be filmed tomorrow.

And what do you do with a 27m long saveloy?

“It’ll end up as dog tucker,” said Jason Campbell, of Campbell’s Butchery.


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