A white carpet in Thames St


The weather gods turned on Oamaru for about 10 minutes yesterday afternoon with a heavy hailstorm hitting the town at 3:35pm.

Waitaki District Council emergency manager Jane Lodge said it was unexpected.

“The weather report I was given said there was a chance for heavy rain, but never mentioned anything about hail.”

Mrs Lodge said she hadn’t heard if it had caused damage anywhere.

“At this stage I haven’t heard of any damage to anywhere as of yet, it’s moving pretty quickly and I can’t really say whether or not there’s been any damage to crops.”

Cherry farm owner Kelly Milmine said she wasn’t too concerned with the big hailstorm. that hit the town yesterday.

“Yes hail can ruin the crops, but I haven’t finished pruning yet so some of mine still have protection and it’s really just when the cherries are soft when we get hit hard by hail.”

Mrs Milmine said she had some of hers undercover.

“It’s not just hail that ruins them at this time of year.”

Brydone Growers manager Marty Quenell said he didn’t think it would have affected his jersey bennies.

“They are underground so it’s unlikely it would’ve caused them any damage unless it has really ruined the plants.”

Mr Quenell didn’t get away scotch free however, he said the hailstorm has damaged his roof.

“It was a bit rusty, but it’s certainly damaged it.”



STORMY WEATHER: Oamaru Mail graphic designer Liss Yockney braved the wild hailstorm which struck Oamaru yesterday afternoon in her summery clothes.

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