Cars crunched in bridge collision


A Christchurch car transporter crashed into a KiwiRail underpass on Oamaru’s Humber St yesterday after the driver misjudged the height of the bridge.

Oamaru Police Constable Dean Paterson said inquiries into the crash were continuing and a decision over whether to prosecute the driver would be made at a later date. The transporter was owned by NZ Vehicle Deliveries Transport Ltd of Christchurch (NZVD).

The driver crashed at about 12.30 yesterday after misjudging the height of the bridge, Constable Paterson said.

“He’s made a mistake with his height and the clearance of the bridge,” he said.

The three vehicles on top of the transporter had sustained significant damage in the crash and the truck trailer had minor damage, he said.

The train underpass was inspected and appeared to be fine, Constable Paterson said.

KiwiRail structure inspectors came from Dunedin to inspect the bridge and gave it the all clear.

“It was cleared at about quarter past one,” a KiwiRail spokesperson said.

A freight train was delayed by 45 minutes as the bridge was inspected, but everything was now back to normal, the spokesperson said.

The vehicles were cleared from the scene by about 1.30pm with help from the New Zealand Fire Service and a forklight driver from a nearby business, Constable Paterson said.

NZVD did not respond to calls from the Oamaru Mail. See photos pg 2.



ACCIDENT: Traffic was halted on Humber St yesterday after a car transporter collided with an underpass. Police, the Fire Service and a forklift driver managed to remove and secure some of the vehicles on the transporter.

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