Club keeps bowling along


The Oamaru RSA bowling club is alive and kicking.

The North Otago RSA closed its doors in November after deciding to go into liquidation after having financial issues.

While the RSA shut it doors the bowling club has remained opened and is going strong.

Numbers at the bowling club sit at 26 and the club has just welcomed four new members to the club.

Oamaru RSA Bowling Club club captain Alan Kerby said they have been told to continue for now.

“At the meeting of the RSA when it was decided they would go into liquidation the mayor (Gary Kircher) said the groups and organisations would continue to use the facility and the that the bowling club would continue into the foreseeable future,” he said.

Mr Kirby said the club have just just had to make adjustments since the RSA closed.

“We used the upstairs facility if we were hosting a tournament because after it people would quite often like to go up there and have a drink, unfortunately with the closure that’s no longer possible.”

Instead of serving alcohol which they are unable to do so due to no liquor licence they instead offer savouries and tea and coffee which people are more than happy with.

“People seem to enjoy it and aren’t missing upstairs too much.”

Mr Kerby and life member Colin Cook said it would be sad to see the bowling green close.

“We would be sad if it closed I’ve been here since 1978 and Alan since 1995, it’s just a fantastic bowling green which many bowlers enjoy playing on,” Mr Cook said.

“It’s such a picturesque bowling green with the garden of memories right next to it and we often get visitors walking through the gardens who’ll stop and watch some bowls and comment on what a lovely green it is,” Mr Kerby said.

Most of the members of the bowling club were RSA members and they were sad to see it close, but are still thankful that they have their bowling club.

Plenty of tournaments are still held at the bowling club and Mr Kerby said it would be sad to see the club close because plenty of bowlers rate the green as one of the nicest in town.

With everyone at the club always in a happy frame of mind the club is often referred to by members as the ‘happy club’.

“Everyone is always happy and the vibe within the club is fantastic,” Mr Cook said.

The RSA’s welfare group is remaining at the RSA building for the meantime.

By Brayden Lindsay

PHOTO: BRAYDEN LINDSAY – Alan Kerby (left) and Colin Cook at the RSA Bowling club which is still operating. The bowling club was a separate entity to the RSA which went into liquidation.MysneakersFragment x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Black/Sport Blue-White