Crash victims to move back home


The owners of the house that was severely damaged by a vehicle crashing into their property have been told they can move back in three weeks but want the council to make the road safe before then.

Paul and Louise Daley were injured and their house was nearly destroyed when a car ploughed through a bedroom and into their lounge at about 8.30pm on Saturday, August 2.

Mrs Daley, who has been staying in a motel with her husband since the accident, said the house is now structurally sound and she has been told by her insurance company that she should be able to move back in three weeks.

Their insurance company had initially told them the house would either need to be repaired or rebuilt.

The couple had been talking to the Waitaki District Council about options for making the intersection safer and hoped something could be done before they moved back.

“I’m not happy about moving in without something being done.

“I’m not sleeping well now, I’m not sure how I’ll cope with that emotionally.”

Mrs Daley said she would be very reluctant to move back without some protection.

“There’s no reason why the council can’t go ahead and get it done.

“We’re still waiting to hear from Council about what they’re going to do.”

Mrs Daley said they were still emotional and she had been told by her doctor she would have to stay off work for some time.

On Wednesday they went to the Oamaru District Court where the driver of the vehicle had his first appearance.

“When his name first got called it hit me pretty hard.”

Joshua Scott Gordon, 22, freezing worker, of Oamaru, was remanded on bail to reappear in the Oamaru District Court on October 22 in relation to the incident.

He has been charged with driving with an excess breath alcohol level of 950mcg causing injury and reckless driving causing injury.

The couple had agreed to restorative justice and want to tell the Gordon how they feel about what happened, Mrs Daley said.

Waitaki District Council roading manager Michael Voss said they had identified the best option to be a tyre wal,l however they had to be careful about not causing any further problems such as a vehicle bouncing off into another property.

They also need to work out what to put in the tyres because the usual method of putting metal inside would be likely to kill anyone driving into it, he said.

“It is just getting that balance.”

He could not answer whether they would be able to have a solution within the three weeks but he hoped council would.

“We’re pushing it through.”

In the meantime they have put up a reflective barrier at screen height which will hopefully be some sort of deterrent, Mr Voss said.



NEARLY HOME: Louise and Paul Daley at their Orwell St property which was severely damaged after a car crashed through a bedroom and their lounge.

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