Great wine ahead for Kurow


Grape harvesting is under way at the Kurow Winery with this season’s wine projected to have a nice, bright character and good concentration.

A team of pickers started at Omarama, harvesting fruit two weeks ago amidst unsettled weather and are gradually moving down country toward Kurow, which is slightly colder.
Craig Lory, winemaker at Kurow Winery, said the weather had presented some challenges, as the fruit needed to be dry when picked, therefore it needed a day to dry out after rain.

“Too much wet weather can lead to a slowing of the ripening process and mould but at this stage everything looks good,” Mr Lory said, “The sugar curve and the physiological ripening curve usually align naturally together anyway.

“We’re pretty excited, we’ve had a good spring, good early summer and when the sun has been out, it’s been quite intense.”

The winery grows pinot noir, gwertztraminer, pinot gris, riesling and chardonnay grapes and when asked if the wine had a stamp or signature, Mr Lory said the reds definitely had a “dark, plum flavour”.

“It’s very aromatic and rich,” he said.

One person can usually pick about half a tonne of grapes per day and it is hoped that about 12 tonnes can be picked daily.

Manager Renzo Mino has been using overseas workers who are on agricultural exchanges to help out and Mr Lory said Mino and his team are doing a great job.


ABUNDANCE OF GRAPES: The Pasquale Kurow Winery annual grape harvest is currently underway up the Waitaki Valley. Vineyard supervisor Petra Stangl, and local winemaker Craig Lory were out yesterday helping with the harvest.


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