Hiroshima Day service held at gardens


More than 40 people attended the Hiroshima Day service at the Hiroshima Memorial in the Oamaru Public Gardens yesterday.

Hiroshima Day is held every year on the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima as an opportunity for people to focus on peace.

A group of about 17 students from Obirin High School in Tokyo, who have been on an exchange trip to St Kevin’s College, also attended the gathering.

One of the students, Sayaka Sakaguchi, said August 6 was a day they must never forget.

Obirin High School deputy principal Kenicho Takahashi said the service was a good way to remember the war.

“It is good we are all friends now.”

Organiser Reverend Tim Hurd said fewer people attended than usual, probably because of the World War 1 commemorations on Tuesday, however it was still an important occasion.

“I think it’s a significant gathering, particularly with the presence of the Japanese exchange students.”

The service included songs by Lynley Caldwell’s choir Fly by Night, readings, prayers and a moment of silence.



REMEMBRANCE: Obirin High School students Sayaka Sakaguchi (left) and Taichi Namba, who have been part of a group of students on an exchange to St Kevin’s College, attended a Hiroshima Day service in the Oamaru Public Gardens yesterday.