Poppies of iron


SUBLIME: Adrienne Borrie and Carol Gibson have made poppies from old rusty corrugated iron to remember the 10 Papakaio soldiers who were killed in World War 1.

The women decided last Friday to do something to remember the soldiers and thought recycling the iron would be a good idea.

Mrs Borrie said they were pleased with the final product.

“We’re absolutely stoked with the final product and how they’ve turned out.”

The poppies took the ladies a number of hours to complete, but said they’d be happy to do something like that again in the future if the right event occurred.

They will be placed at Papakaio’s cenotaph on Saturday and remain there for the day.

They will also feature information on the 10 soldiers from the Papakaio/Peebles area who died at WW1.

The soldiers were Corporal James Doig, Private Thomas Davis, Lance Corporal Daniel Davey, Corporal George Cowie Gray, Private David Burnett, Rifleman George Burnett, Lance Corporal James Skinner, Sergeant Major Jeremiah Nugent Cuff, Private Donald Brooke McPhail and Trooper James Angus.

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