Riverstone Castle over half completed


The construction of Riverstone Castle, which is located on State Highway 1 north of Oamaru, is over halfway finished, but will still take at least another year to complete, says owner Dot Smith.

The castle is based on “lots of different designs, but mainly English”, and has no completion date but has already been four-to-five years in the making. Two years of this have been in the construction phase.

Mrs Smith said she would be relieved when the roof was completed, which should be in about two weeks, as rain had been getting into the interior.

She said North Otago builder Mike Spiers and apprentice Jason Anderson had been doing most of the work and called in extra help as they needed it.

“The castle is as local as we can make it,” Mrs Smith said.

The exterior of the castle will be Oamaru stone, which is being cut at Parkside Quarries, and the castellations are being pre-made in concrete in Wanaka. Castellations are the “notches” which go around the top of the building to give it its castle-like appearance.

“A castle can’t be a castle without towers,” she said.

“Or a secret passage and a dungeon.”

Eventually, Mrs Smith hopes to have guest rooms available to the public but the castle will predominantly be used as private accommodation.


PHOTO: LINDA MCCARTHY – Dot Smith and Riverstone Castle – “the castle is as local as we can make it.”

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