Scout strives to keep film crews rolling in


Location scout Clayton Tikao has been so impressed with what North Otago has to offer, he intends on trying to bring more film crews to the region.

Mr Tikao is in Oamaru this week with a New Zealand-Japanese film crew of more than 50 filming a soft drink advertisement for Japanese television.

Yesterday, the crew was filming in a sunflower field at Cormack’s farm just outside Weston.

“It’s a wonderful area to shoot,” Mr Tikao said. “I think you underestimate this countryside; it could easily be Europe.”

Mr Tikao, who is based in Christchurch, said he would do his best to bring more film crews to the district.

“I’ll do my damndest to bring crews here. I want to sell, not so much myself, but the area,” he said.

“The locals have been very encouraging.”

The crew has also been filming in Waimate at the old Quinn’s Arcade.

Mr Tikao said he had sent photos of the arcade to Tokyo to the company behind the advertisement and they had been impressed.

“Project Waimate and the Waimate District Council have been fantastic,” Mr Tikao said.

The advertisement’s producer is Auckland-based Tatsuya Shimada of Curious Film.

“He is in contact with Japanese companies and gets them interested and then he gets me to add the stuff to the canvas, so to speak,” Mr Tikao said.

Filming in North Otago is expected to finish tomorrow but if the weather is not conducive, it could stretch out to Friday.


A GREAT SPOT: Film scout Clayton Tikao says he has been impressed by the North Otago countryside.

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