Two-car smash on busy Thames St


A two car crash occurred at the intersection of Usk and Thames streets early yesterday afternoon.

A purple Mazda 323, which was travelling west along Usk St, collided at 12.45pm with a Versatile Homes and Buildings van travelling north.

Seargeant Blair Wilkinson said police were still trying to establish which vehicle was travelling on a green light and would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the crash.

A 90-year-old woman, the driver of the Mazda, was taken to hospital and later discharged. The two passengers in the car were uninjured.

Hi-way Auto Centre employee Debbie Mcewen said she heard a smash and looked out and saw the van spinning.

“It sounded like someone was doing wheelies,” she said.

“We heard the impact but didn’t see it.

“We had customers in the shop at the time who were firefighters and they rushed out to help.

“The lady looked shaken up and was holding her chest. She just looked like she was in shock.”

Police inquiries are continuing.


NOT SO LUCKY: Police take down details of a crash which occurred at the corner of Usk and Thames streets yesterday afternoon. One of the vehicles ended up on the footpath.

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