Youth Centre break-in ‘disappointing’


Offenders who stole money from the Youth Centre Oamaru will be forgiven but should come forward, manager Jae Bedford says.

A glass door panel and cupboard were broken and a cash box containing $80 to $100 was taken from the Youth Centre Oamaru on Ribble St some time between midday Sunday and 9am Monday.

Mr Bedford said while he would forgive the culprits, he was “disappointed” this had happened to the youth centre.

“I’d like them to know that we are a Christian organisation and we forgive them.”

Mr Bedford said he would like the offenders to come forward so he could talk to them and try to help them.

“We’re still here for them as well. We will try to help them.

“It’s definitely a sad state of affairs.”

This was not the first time something similar had happened, happened with a cash box and glass door being broken at their old building, he said.

Last time, they did not have a locked cupboard and this time, just one small panel was broken and crawled through.

“It’s as if they knew what they were looking for.”

The Youth Centre Oamaru now has a policy of no cash on-site and will be installing an alarm system to stop similar incidents happening again.

They have been working with the police, who are processing finge prints and will be looking at security camera footage.

Waitaki District mayor Gary Kircher expressed his concerns about the break-in on his Facebook page on Monday and said he was “disgusted” at the offenders’ actions.

“Anything like this is pretty despicable.

“We’ve got a group that’s there trying to help out the community.”

Due to a training exercise, the police were not able to comment on the incident when contacted by the Oamaru Mail yesterday.



DISAPPOINTED: The Youth Centre Oamaru manager Jae Bedford by the now fixed glass panel that was broken during a burglary over the weekend.

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