Riverstone Kitchen gains more recognition at awards ceremony


North Otago’s renowned restaurant Riverstone Kitchen was recognised for its merit at the Cuisine NZ Good Food Awards in Auckland on Monday night.

The restaurant was runner-up in the KitchenAid Best Regional Restaurant.

Riverstone Kitchen’s Bevan Smith said he was really proud to be recognised as a top restaurant in New Zealand.

“It is great to bring something home to the staff.

“It is always quite humbling.”

They also received a hat in the Cuisine Good Food awards hat rating system, in its second year, which measures restaurants out of twenty.

One hat is very good (15-16 points), two is excellent (16-18) and three means a restaurant is consistently amazing and among the best of the best (18-20).

Mr Smith said they were pleased with their score of 15.5 which was very close to making two hats.

Last year they also received a hat but had a lower score of 15.

“It’s great to retain that and we’ve lifted the score,” he said.

“It is nice to just be on that scale.”

The winner of KitchenAid Best Regional Restaurant was Chim Choo Ree in Hamilton and the overall Restaurant of the Year 2014 was Sidart in Auckland.


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