Dean hopeful of winning bet


Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean says she’s confident her bikini won’t have to be worn this summer.

Back in September just after the election when Mrs Dean was re-elected, a discussion around Gigatown led her to making a bet with fellow MP Nick Smith of Nelson.

The losing MP has to parade down the main street in their swimming trunks. Despite Oamaru missing out on the final five, Mrs Dean could still accept the challenge as Wanaka is part of her electorate and is part of the final five towns.

She said she’s expecting the town of Wanaka to be on her side.

“I’m confident that the people of Wanaka and even everyone in the Waitaki electorate will help me defeat Nick Smith so he has to parade down the street in his budgie smugglers.”

Mrs Dean, who admitted she has done very little training in the lead-up to the big reveal, said she hoped this wouldn’t count against her.

“Hopefully not doing any training won’t hurt me, but I know people won’t want to see me in my bikini with my body in it’s current state let alone at all, but I’m confident Nick’s training is similar.”

With the last day of voting just around the corner and the results to be revealed next week at a function in Wellington, Mrs Dean was hopeful people would rather see Nick Smith in his swimming trunks.

Nelson MP Nick Smith, said while Nelson might be losing at this stage, Mrs Dean needs to look out because the Makos left their run late and expect Nelson to do the same.

“Hopefully the town is like the Makos and have a late surge to get us over the line and save me from walking down the main St.”

Mr Smith said if he did lose he would do the challenge on a newsworthy day.

“I’d pick the most newsworthy day of the year so to do the challenge so all the media were there to see it.”

While Mrs Dean said she’d pick a cold winter’s day at dawn so very few people were out.



NOT LONG NOW: The winner of Nelson and Wanaka in the Gigatown competition will save one of Nick Smith of Jacqui Dean from parading the main st in there togs.

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