MP hopes for fog at time of walk


Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean is not looking forward to her challenge in March.

While Mrs Dean loves walking and is taking part in a 10km walk in Wanaka in late March, she will also have to walk down the main street of Wanaka in her swimming trunks after Wanaka was pipped at the post by Nelson in the Gigatown competition.

Not only does she have to walk down the main street, but she also has to take a photo and upload it to social media.

Mrs Dean is not looking forward to the challenge.

“Half of Wanaka will be scared off when they hear I’ll be in town to do this and I feel sorry for them, I’m not looking forward to the challenge at all.”

Mrs Dean has to do it after she and Nelson MP Nick Smith made a bet that the MP whose town lost in the Gigatown competition would have to to parade the main street of that town in their togs.
Mrs Dean said her training could be better.

“It could be better, I love walking and have been doing plenty of walks with the dog and after work, but I’m sitting here having an ice cream as I talk to you, which isn’t helping.”

Mrs Dean said she would think long and hard about making bets with Mr Smith in the future.

“It’s not something I’ll be doing again in a hurry, that’s for sure. I’ll get him back when he doesn’t expect it.”

She is thankful for the support that Wanaka showed.

“They were fantastic. I thought we had it. We were way ahead of them, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be and Nelson’s last-minute attitude got it across the line.”

It is likely Mrs Dean will do the challenge in the early hours of the morning so nobody is around.

The event could even involve some smoke and, if all goes to plan, some fog.

By Brayden Lindsaybridge mediaPatike