Oamaru leads Gigatown competition


Could Oamaru be New Zealand’s sharpest and fastest town?

The social networking competition Gigatown, which is driven by Chorus, kicked off on Monday and Oamaru has already taken a convincing lead.

The competition is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the town to access a one gigabit per second internet connection.

For Oamaru to earn points, social media users must use #gigatownoamaru or #gigatownoam in their posts.

As of yesterday afternoon, Oamaru was leading the tally with nearly 12,000 points and Masterton, who were running second, were trailing behind on just over 7000 points.

Oamaru’s Lance Streeter, Derek Golding and Nicolas Erdody are behind the local campaign and said their main task is to ensure the momentum continues throughout the competition.

“We just need to reach out to every single community group,” said Mr Streeter.

“It shows Oamaru is a pretty ‘switched on to technology’ town,” said Mr Golding.

The voting numbers are adjusted according to each town’s population, which allows each town the same opportunity to win the competition.

Mr Streeter said a number of ideas were being bounced around about how to continue the momentum and attract interest from everybody in the community.

“The sharpest and fastest thing is gaining momentum,” he said.

“The next thing is trying to get in the national media.”

An instruction video on how to earn points for Oamaru will be posted on social media to ensure there is confusion when it comes to hashtagging.

For votes to count on Facebook, WordPress and Tumblr, users must nominate the site they want the votes to be recognised from, on the Gigatown website.

Also, by registering on the website, Oamaru will earn 10 points.

Mr Streeter and Mr Golding are inviting people to come up with their own crazy ways of creating points for Oamaru.

“We just want everyone to go out there and think of the most craziest idea to promote it, that’s legal,” laughed Mr Streeter.

“Perhaps a farmer to mow it in their crops.”

Mr Golding said Gigatown would be the largest social networking activity Oamaru will ever be a part of.

“It’s huge publicity for the town,” he said.

The Gigatown Oamaru Facebook site has been liked by people in Argentina, Uruguay and Romania.

“It just shows the power of the people,” said Mr Streeter.

Mr Streeter said there was some banter between Oamaru and Dunedin.

“Just give up and move to Oamaru,” he said.

For more information about Gigatown Oamaru, visit the Gigatown Oamaru Facebook site or gigatown.co.nz.

GigaTownOamaru – How to Vote

Post tweets with #gigatownOam

Nominate your Facebook page via Gigatown.co.nz, then make public posts with #GigatownOam – in addition, one point for each time the post is shared.

Post pictures on Instagram with #GigatownOam

On Youtube, use #GigatownOam in your videos title or description

Join up via www.gigatown.co.nz and choose Oamaru – the town gets 10 points per person that registers.

On Flickr, each image posted with #GigatownOam receives a point

On Tumblr, each #GigatownOam on a nominated blog will count, with a maximum of one point per posting.

On WordPress, every post with #Gigatown on a nominated page will receive a point.

By Jessie Waitebridge mediaMen’s shoes