100s missing from electoral roll


More than 600 Waitaki residents are missing from the electoral roll ahead of the cut-off date of August 20.

South Canterbury registrar of electors Gisela Craig said more than 43,000 people still remained unaccounted for on the national electoral role.

“The amount of people who are “gone no address” (GNA) is quite concerning, as this isn’t the biggest electorate, and to have more than 600 people not on the roll is disappointing.”

Mrs Craig said people needed to register so it would be easier for them to vote come election day.

“If people enrol before August 20, then it will become much easier for them to vote and it will be a lot easier on the day when we count votes, as they will officially count,” she said.

About 47,777 Waitaki people are enrolled so far, but 52,610 people in the electorate are eligible to vote and Mrs Craig said she would love to see every one of them register.

The Wellington central electorate has the highest amount of GNAs in the country with 1237, while Waimakariri has the least, with 351.

“We want as many people to register, because then it means more people can vote and the results look more accurate when the final results are tallied.”

However, a big concern Mrs Craig and other registrars faced was getting hold of GNA people.

“We are trying our best to make sure that all the people who are missing from the roll in the Waitaki area are in fact located and put on the roll so our numbers are as good as possible,” she said.

If people do not register by the August 20, they are left off the published electoral roll, meaning they will have to cast a special vote. This involves extra paper work on election day if they want their vote to be counted.

People can check whether or not they are registered by visiting www.elections.org.nz


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