Alexander favours female Labour leader


Waitaki Labour candidate Glenda Alexander would love to see a female member step forward and take on the Labour Party leadership role.

“I don’t think any have put their names forward, but I’d love to see one put their hand up, as we have had great success with female leaders in the past,” Mrs Alexander said.

With David Cunliffe resigning and re-standing for the role and Grant Robertson likely to contest him, Mrs Alexander said she would not decide on who to vote for until their policies were made clear.

With limited females stepping up for the role, Mrs Alexander said she would back whoever she felt would represent the party best.

“At this stage, I don’t think Jacinda (Ardern) has put her hand, and I’ll wait till the final few are announced before deciding what to do from there.

“I will wait until they travel around the country and speak to many of us about their policies and what they hope to do as the leader of Labour, and then from there I’ll decide who I am going to vote for.”

The party will meet in the coming weeks to talk about their election failure and what they need to do to win back support.

Mrs Alexander said she felt there should be of a concerted effort made by the leaders of the party to include policies which suited both urban and rural areas.

“That was lacking with the last group. The policies didn’t suit the rural Waitaki area.”

She said her office would remain in Oamaru.

“Labour want a presence to remain here in the Waitaki area and I’m going to continue providing that presence. My office will not be closing.”



CHANGES: Glenda Alexander says she will back whoever she believes will be the best fit for the Labour Leadership role.

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