Kurow finds a permanent doctor


After scouring the country for one and a half years a permanent doctor has finally been found for the Kurow Medical Centre.

Doctor Annie Fyfe, of Wanaka, will make the shift to Kurow from her Twizel practice to begin on February 2.

Dr Fyfe had been practising medicine for 38 years, 15 of these in the South Island.

“I like rural practice,” she said.

“You get to see a lot of different things and it means you’re part of the community.

“The Kurow people have been very friendly and welcoming . . .it makes me feel excited to be part of a team that seems so focused.”

The Kurow Medical Centre had been struggling to find a new permanent doctor since August last year with a series of locum doctors filling in for the time being.

Kurow Medical Centre practice manager Jules Elliot said while the locum doctors had been excellent, temporary cover had been a drain on resources.

“We would have had eight by the time Dr Fyfe starts,” she said.

“I guess the main issues have been changing locums all the time and the expense of having them . . .it certainly starts to get expensive.”

Having a permanent doctor would be far better for the community.

“All of the locums have been very very good and it’s sad to see any of them go but in saying that we are really looking forward to having Dr Fyfe.”

“She will be a real asset for the community.”

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