Women’s health event


Waitaki’s women are invited to a health evening at the Kurow Golf Club next month.
“After the success of our men’s health night 18 months ago, we decided it was time for a women’s version,” Kurow Medical Centre practice nurse Mischa Clouston said.
“We intend it to be an energetic, fun, humorous and relaxing night out, hearing about how we as women can make the most of our bodies and souls, and how to cope when things go astray healthwise.”The evening begins at 5pm on Tuesday, April 5, with a short walk around the golf course to “get energised”. Light refreshments follow.
From 5.45pm, local health support agencies will have stalls set up where participants can find out more about their services.
There would be “a few girly treats available for some light pampering”.
At 7pm, Dr Bev Lawton, of the University of Otago in Wellington, will give a talk titled “Understanding Menopause Better _ for women of all ages”.
“We are lucky to be having Dr Bev Lawton come down as a guest speaker,” Mrs Clouston said. “She is a senior research fellow for women’s health here in New Zealand and specialises in many things. “For our night she will focus on menopause.”When Mrs Clouston heard Dr Lawton speaking at a conference, she knew she would appeal to the Waitaki audience.
“She was so funny; really engaging.”If women could not attend the full evening, they were encouraged to go along to one or more parts of it.
Men were welcome, Mrs Clouston said.
The event was free, as the medical centre had secured sponsorship to cover its costs.
“There are heaps of freebies and prizes.”Further information is available by phoning the Kurow Medical Centre on (03) 436-0760, on the website www.kurowmedicalcentre.org.nz or on the centre’s Facebook page.
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