Moeraki boulder back to being a doorstep


A small Moeraki boulder offered for sale online last month failed to fetch a bid but another two boulders are being auctioned.

Christchurch second-hand dealer Lenny Wills placed a 17cm boulder up for auction on TradeMe earlier last month.

However, when the auction closed just before Christmas, it had failed to receive an opening bid of $995.

“It’s just the name of the game,” he said.

The boulder has been in his family since the 1880s. His grandfather had used the boulder as a garden ornament and more recently it had been a doorstop.

“I don’t know what I’ll do next,” Mr Wills said. “My father said not to re-list it on TradeMe.

“The idea was to sell it to pay for new curtains for my parents. Their house was written off in the earthquake.”

Mr Wills said he listed up to 500 items a week on TradeMe and usually sold about 20 percent of them.

Some items were unusual.

“I had a doctor’s circumcision kit from the 1920s last year and I just missed getting a 4m long polar bear rug with the full head and claws.”

Before 1971, when Moeraki’s Koekohe Beach was protected as a scientific reserve, people took boulders as souvenirs.

Mr Wills’ small boulder will go back to being a doorstop, but an unknown seller has listed two other Moeraki boulders for auction on TradeMe, one of 21kg and the other 19kg.

The asking price for the boulders is $1800. The auction ends on January 15, but as of Tuesday, had not received any bids.


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