Moeraki meeting today will discuss Haven St


The future of Haven street will be a major talking point at the extraordinary council meeting being held in Moeraki today.

While the meeting will cover a wide range of topics, the Haven Street information is sure to draw in a few members of the Moeraki public.

Haven St has been out of action for about a year following a land slip which was caused by weather.

Concerned Moeraki resident John Harper contacted the Oamaru Mail in November expressing concerns on behalf of other residents about Tenby St and how it will struggle to cope with traffic flow over summer.

Mr Harper said Tenby St the road which is now being used by tourists and locals is not big enough for increased traffic.

“It just isn’t big enough and it won’t be able to handle the constant amount of traffic that will be travelling down this road, especially over the summer months when the amount of tourists visiting the town is high,” he said.

Mr Harper said they just wanted to hear from the council about what they were going to do to the piece of road.

The alternative stretch of road has been used for the last 12 months, but Assets Group manager Neil Jorgensen said they want to be able to fix the road.

“Moeraki is an important community in Waitaki and council has signalled that it wants to do its very best to make Moeraki a successful community.”

Tenby St was made as the new road because the council and community didn’t have the funds available to open Haven St to the required level of service they were after.

Work on Haven St will not be eligible for NZTA assistance as it doesn’t fit the criteria required for funding.Land on Haven St is still subsiding and there is no evidence that it will ever stop or be able to be stopped.

If the street was to be reinstated it would be a short-term solution in the vicinity of 5-8 years depending on weather events, whereas Tenby St will last a lot longer more than 20 years.trace affiliate linkMens Flynit Trainers