Moeraki road worrying residents


Moeraki residents are concerned that Tenby St will be unable to handle the amount of traffic expected over summer with Haven St having been closed a few months ago due to land slip.

Work has been done on the road, but residents feel it’s not sufficient and much more work is needed.

Moeraki resident John Harper said residents wanted to see more work done on the road.

‘We’d love to see some more work done to get the road open, we realise the council have done some work to the road but we’d love to see the road tar-sealed and fixed properly, but we just have to see what happens.”

Tenby St is a small village street that is being used by plenty of traffic now after a section of Haven St was closed off.

Mr Harper said people and residents of Tenby St were concerned.

“The street can’t handle a lot of traffic, and with summer approaching we need something sorted, because it’s a smallish street which will get plenty of vehicles travelling down it now.”

He said they’d just love to see something sorted.

“We want to see something sorted out in the near future, cause it’s only going to get busier.”

Waitaki District Mayor Gary Kircher said the council have been looking at what the best options are for the road for sometime.

“We are checking into all avenues and because of the three different types of surface from where the slips are coming from and they all go quite deep, so we need to see what options are available with the road.”

Mr Kircher said the decision to close the road wasn’t an easy one.

“The slips were going to keep happening and we were happy to a bit more money into the road, but with it happening continually we decided that closing the piece of road was the best option.”

There is a chance the road may open again in the future.


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