Moeraki water supply drying up


Two more weeks without rain and the Hampden-Moeraki area could be looking to other avenues for their water supply.

The Hampden-Moeraki water catchment is in short supply and if it doesn’t rain soon then the Big Kuri Creek could be hit hard.

Water restrictions were put in place for the area on December 30 following a decrease in the water supply for the area.

According to the Waitaki District Council the water supply is at a critical level.

Waitaki District Council water facilities contracts engineer Michael Goldingham said the biggest concern was making the sure the creek remained.

“That’s our biggest issue is making sure we keep water in the creek somehow and it doesn’t dry up completely.”

The water issue came about on Monday when we headed up to the intake to monitor the amount of water coming through and we saw it wasn’t getting enough, Mr Goldingham said.

“The water flow at the big Kuri Creek has reduced significantly and we decided that restrictions needed to be put in place,” he said.

With it still being quite a busy time of year and Moeraki known for attracting tourists, the water restriction was a good way to help maximise what’s left of the water.

“Tourists are a big part of the Moeraki area and they are going to need water and while they are low and tourists are here we’ve decided to impose the conserve water notice.”

People will not be allowed to water their cars, gardens, lawns or anything like that with water only available for stock and home use like hand washing, showers and that sort of thing.

Mr Goldingham said they have contingency plans in place and while there is rain scheduled to fall in the next 10 days there is no guarantee it will come.

“We’ve had situations like this where we’ve needed rain and it hasn’t come, so there’s no guarantee we will get some soon.”

While rain is required they want it in duration and no all at once as flooding will be worse than no water.

“Customers on the Hampden-Moeraki water supply are reminded to conserve water.

“The situation is critical and restrictions are now in place. Water should be used for domestic and stock water purposes only and not for activities such as garden watering and washing of vehicles,” Mr Goldingham said.

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