Show will strike `familiar chord’


The hallmark of any production is a great musical score.
For Musical Theatre Oamaru’s dinner theatre production Time Warp, at the Scottish Hall between August 3 and 6, that task will fall to prominent Oamaru musician Alan Rakiraki and his band.
He will play the guitar and ukulele, Dean Criddle the drums, John Cant the bass guitar and Linda Cant the keyboard and piano.
Mr Rakiraki said all the songs featured in the production were well-known favourites.
“It’s all pop music from the 1970s right through to the late 1990s … it’s stuff that’s not hard to play, though we have had to do some arrangements.
“Some of the music from the ’80s was a bit orchestral, so we’ve had to pare it down, if you like, to fit a smaller band. Some bits have been challenging, but it’s all right.
“For the band, at one point or another we would have heard all of these tunes … everyone will know them. There’s no difficulty in actually playing them. If you’ve heard them over and over again, you’re halfway there.”
He said rehearsals had gone well so far, and he expected opening night to be no different.
“It’s quite exciting and it’s coming along pretty well. Everybody is kind of growing in confidence and their ability. The only thing is getting tighter and tighter as we go. By opening night, it will be like we’ve peaked for a sports event.”
Asked what people could look forward to at the show, he said it was all about having a laugh. “This particular show is extremely witty _ it’s fun. There’s a little bit of innuendo in it too. It was written locally, so a lot of research has gone into it.
“People who go along to the show need to be aware there’s things in there that are going to make them say, `Yes, that’s struck a familiar chord’. There won’t be anything in there that will throw them.”
In Time Warp, the two major characters find themselves on the cusp of a major mid-1990s political scandal and take a journey through time to try to stop it from happening. The action is set to music hits from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.
With tickets selling fast, Mr Rakiraki encouraged people to get in quick. Tickets are available by emailing or calling 434-3036.

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