Legal high and booze fuelled `vile’ spree


A 50-year-old Oamaru man’s behaviour under the influence of a synthetic cannabinoid product and alcohol was described by Judge Joanna Maze as “vile” in the Oamaru District Court yesterday.

Christopher Allen Smart, 50, bushman, of Oamaru, was convicted, sentenced to 120 hours’ community work and ordered to pay reparation costs of $2505 for disorderly behaviour on Hull St and for intentionally damaging a sprinkler, the property of Oamaru police.

The court heard that on February 13, Smart had been drinking alcohol and tried the synthetic cannabis product K2 for the first time.

Walking along Hull St, he passed a young boy mowing the lawn. He tried to take the lawnmower from the boy and tipped it over. When some of the boy’s family intervened, Smart yelled abuse and racially derogatory comments towards them. They were of Asian descent.

Smart then crossed the street, pulling up potatoes from a neighbouring garden and throwing the vegetables at the mother and her two sons. Due to his “grossly” intoxicated state, he missed them.

When Smart was confronted by the father of the boy, he seized the lawnmower and threw it across the street.

Judge Maze said the boy was young and vulnerable, and did not provoke Smart in any way.

“Your behaviour was appalling in itself and the racially motivated slurs indicate that your attack was racially motivated,” she said.

That was not the end of Smart’s offences that day, Judge Maze said.

After being arrested, Smart smashed the fire sprinkler in an Oamaru police cell, causing water to flood it. The fire service was called, at a charge of $1150, and the damage totalled $1148.

Smart then defecated in the cell and smeared his excrement around the cell, which had to be disinfected and cleaned professionally. Judge Maze told Smart: “You are 50 years of age. You ought to be well past the stage of experimenting with drugs _ legal or otherwise _ and well past spending the day drinking alcohol and acting the way you did.

“It can only be described as vile. It would be unfair to animals to liken it to feral behaviour.”

Smart attributed his actions to using a synthetic cannabinoid product for the first time out of curiosity and, mixed with alcohol, he had no recollection of the incidents.

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