Are you even a gardener if you don’t steal cuttings from the edge of gardens as you walk down the street?

My plants of choice to “acquire” are succulents; hard to kill and, at times, they almost thrive on neglect.

I’m not a very good gardener, but I am a gardener.

There are no straight lines or order in my garden. If it grows, t’s a win, and if I can eat it, it’s an even bigger win.

The perfect garden is the kind where you can wander around it picking things off plants and bushes having a continuous feast of fresh, crunchy goodness.

I tried to grow corn once, then twice – then I gave up.

I’ve had some success with tomatoes outside. Plant them in a sheltered warm spot and maybe, just maybe, the wee buggers will flourish.

One day I will have a tunnel house (oh the things I will grow!), but I’ve been focusing on functioning plumbing and electrical systems in my dodgy old house for now.

Weed spray: a controversial thing to use in your garden. I tried organic spray, but it smelt terrible and didn’t do a good job.

I’m working on spraying less, but sometimes the quarter-acre is just a bit much to tame. Here’s a tip; if you are going to spray, don’t do it when the dandelions are blooming, because that’s when the bees are about!

I’m working on filling up garden space with herbs and wild flowers, because they are preferable to weeds! But what are weeds anyway?

If you have a pet rabbit then puha is a valuable resource, and at what point is something a weed or a wildflower? Clover on the farm is delicious sustenance for livestock, but a total pain in the garden.

I have a box of seeds and I’m working on using up the current seed hoard. There were quite a few loose seeds in the bottom of the seed box, so in the garden they went – that’ll be interesting.

I stuck spare pea seeds everywhere, I also put lettuce and kale among the succulents. I don’t mind where it grows, as long as it grows

Yams, you’ll never get rid of those, as with Jerusalem artichokes and horseradish – perfect!

That means I’ll always have a supply, I did however plant them in areas with natural boundaries.

And Hank Williams the pound mutt seems to be past his digging phase. Here’s hoping he stays that way!bridgemediaWomens Shoes Footwear & Shoes Online