Exercise byproduct of roller skating fun


I got a brand new pair of roller skates!

You just sang that, right?

Learning to ice skate was part of the primary school curriculum where I grew up. At Naseby Primary School in the ’80s, if the ice was good, math was done later – ice skating took priority.

A couple of weeks ago, I went ice skating with all the kids in my extended family. We had a bit of an ice hockey scrimmage, although I forgot two things – I was playing with children and I had no safety gear on.

I wiped out only two teenagers and bruised the crap out of my knee (the swelling has finally gone down). Totally worth it and I think Aunty Alice earned some street cred with the small people.

Oamaru has no ice rink so I’ve had to adapt to the resources available – wheels it is. I am quietly crossing my fingers for a roller rink to be included in any future stadium developments, that would be the dream.

When I mention to people that I roller skate now, there are some pretty standard replies.

“You’ll get hurt.”

I’ve had worse injuries on stairs than on any skates, so as long as I don’t skate on any stairs, I should be OK.

“I used to love roller skating as a kid.”

Well, slap those bad boys on your feet and get back into it.

The skating journey so far has been quite good. I’ve found a skating buddy who also doesn’t act their age.

We have a self-imposed safety gear requirement, while we are learning anyway – helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards, because safety first.

Parking lots, tennis courts and footpaths just look different these days; we’re always on the lookout for a good skate surface.

Word is that the western footpaths are smoother that the eastern footpaths down on the flat – great tip!

I had the bright idea that my big dog might be a good tow dog for skates. Turns out that’s not the case, she skips around like a puppy, getting in the way.

I’ll see what my collie, who happens to be deaf, thinks of roller skating, but I might wait till I have some actual stopping ability. He runs well when he’s attached to my mountain bike, but bikes have brakes, and I don’t.

I went skating five days in the week before lockdown – I’ve never been to the gym five days in a week, or five days in a year for that matter.

Perhaps roller skating is my sport, mostly because exercise seems to be a convenient byproduct of doing an activity that I don’t hate.

I am currently having a cup of tea looking at the street outside my house – looks pretty smooth.