Road Safety Week is nearly upon us.

This year, it runs from November 9 to 15.

It is a chance for all road users to reflect on how we use the roads and ask ourselves: are we keeping ourselves and other users safe?

Most of the time we do a great job driving around the district. However, on occasion, we just need a little reminder so things don’t go wrong.

Throughout next week, I will be focusing on specific areas and giving some hints and tips on how to keep ourselves safe.

As a visual reminder, we will be lighting up the Oamaru Opera House yellow, joining other sites across New Zealand, such as the Auckland Harbour Bridge and Christchurch Memorial Arches, to show our support for road safety.

Road Safety Week is promoted by Brake New Zealand.

charity that works to prevent road deaths and injuries and support people bereaved by and injured in crashes across New Zealand. You can find out more on

Next week, from Monday and Friday, Real Classic Rock 104FM will be broadcasting series of interviews and recordings at 9.20am.

These include Adair Craik talking about cycle safety, Senior Sergeant Jason McCoy (Oamaru police), talking impaired driving and Kay Page (CCS Disability Action) talking about challenges faced by people with a disability on our roads.

There will be an interview with Students Against Dangerous Driving (SADD) about how young people view road safety and Sarrath Milmine, of the Waitaki Road Safe community group, will talk about the work they do in the community around fatigued driving.

The week should not teach us anything we don’t know.

What it may do is bring those issues to the front of our minds and help keep us all safe.

As I said in my first article last month, we all deserve to return home in the same condition as when we left.

Road Safety Week happens every year, usually in May.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown it was postponed until November.

It would be great to hear from any local businesses or groups who would like to get involved next year.

Please email me at and register your interest.

Also, please remember as of November 1, certain speed limits changed across the district.

These changes followed public consultation and public submissions.

Do lower speeds make a difference?

The way I look at it, is that it takes about five seconds to cover 100m (a rugby pitch) at 70kmh. It takes only two seconds longer at 50kmh.

That 20kmh reduction can make a difference between life and death when it comes to braking distances and collision speed.

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