Handy I may be but this time enough is enough


I fixed my washing machine, for less than $10, all by myself.

I didn’t even ask Google!

I can fix basic mechanical things where I can essentially reverse engineer what needs to happen – I even fixed a ride-on lawnmower once.

It wasn’t my ride-on lawnmower; if it had been, the lawn wouldn’t be my nemesis as it is now. Although I had a win with the lawn last week – for the first time in many many years of weed whacking I was able to start the whacker without consulting YouTube for which way the choke goes. Symbols just don’t compute in my lizard brain.

Weed whackers can be right bastards and the source of much foul language on my part, as I’m sure any of you can relate to.

The bloody washing machine broke again last week. It was beeping at me – and I draw the line at beeps!

At least I only spent a little bit of money on it before it threw another tantrum. Unlike the time I spent $700 on a warrant for my Subaru Legacy, only to have it blow up a couple of weeks later, rendering it basically worthless.

I do tend to be where cars go to die.

The washing machine was a hand-me-down from a mate and this is its third breakdown. I think the three-strike rule applies now.

As much as I don’t want to be part of our current “throwaway” society, I do want to be able to do my laundry – and there were good sales in Oamaru on whiteware last weekend.

And as much as I don’t want to be part of our “put it on finance” society, here we are!

My microwave blew up this year, too. And yes, I put that on an interest-free hire purchase.

Someone once said to me “live the life you want as long as you can make the payments”. There is truth to that, but don’t let that bad boy snowball out of control and dig yourself into a pit that you fall into in about two years when the interest piles on.

I got a new puppy!

He’s not worried about weed whackers because he’s deaf as a post. Merle Haggard was almost going to be Hank Williams Jnr, as his name would be not verbal for obvious reasons, but I settled for the former so it wouldn’t confuse the humans.

Merle Haggard is a very well-bred heading dog, so he has a fantastic temperament. He also sleeps through all the things that send Hank Williams into a frenzy, so that’s a plus for sure.

I’m hoping Hank and Merle can be team-mates on the front of the mountain-bike. Hank will be the ears and Merle will be the calming influence (he may be the superior brain, but time will tell). This is at least a year away, as Merle is still just a wee fellow.

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