My old nemesis running returns


I play field hockey now.

I’ll tell you what doesn’t hurt – getting hit with a hockey ball.

I’ll tell you what does hurt – running.

I call it field hockey due to the fact I played ice hockey as a youngster. The difference is considerable, as this new found game of hockey involves running and, as I’ve already mentioned, running hurts.

I played representative ice hockey in a past life – yes, I mostly warmed the bench, but I was there.

Some of the challenges of field hockey include, but are not limited to, the following; the sticks are tiny and the turf is huge.

I had my eye on a spot in the goal. In my first game, I filled in for the resident goalie – and it turns out I wasn’t terrible.

But the team doesn’t need a goalie, so that’s disappointing. Now, I’m playing out on the field.

For my first game on the field, I played on the wing. In the history of sport, I don’t think any Hore has ever been put on the wing and for the next week I experienced the most horrific muscle spasms ever – not ideal, but I turned up again next week.

As it turns out, defence is the position for me.

Just as in hockey on ice, my strength lies in good, old fashioned getting in the way, which is good because I have zero stick skills.

I’m at the point where I can now actually hit the ball. Somewhat similar to rolling a kayak, I can do it, but never under pressure. Upside down in some white water? Oh hell no, I’ll choose to swim every time.

We had a win last Friday, that was a different experience for me. I’m a loser from way back. You may recall my first mountain bike race earlier this year where I made it to the finish line after the prize-giving had concluded.

The running is getting marginally easier, and it’s got me thinking that maybe I can do a 5km running race and have a go at coming last in one of those – it’s good to try new things.

There are some races where you run with your dog, and I’m into that. Hurricane Hank the pound mutt can drag me up the hill.Running sportsNike Air Max 270