Never be afraid to let your imagine run wild


We all have visions and dreams.

They give us purpose and fuel our efforts to make them real.

Imagination is a force. It is a human superpower, but if it doesn’t get exercise it can seize up.

Everyone has limitless capacity to imagine and birth new ideas – so why don’t we share our visions more? No one person has all the good ideas.

Do you ever wonder how many great ideas lay dormant for fear of releasing them into the wild of the world? Sometimes the process feels painful and hurts because our seed ideas get rejected or perverted and end up not at all what we had in mind.

Maybe we have had a bad experience. Maybe we fear sharing visions will not lead to anything of substance.

If something hurts, we generally attempt to avoid it.

When it comes to sharing visions and ideas, we can decide to stop sharing because “it’s not worth it”.

What a waste!

The challenge is to keep sharing anyway. When we share ideas we set them free, and there are always plenty more where they came from.

Let’s face it, sticking with the status quo will always take us somewhere.

We can be caught in a familiar drift that can be hard to shake.

We can end up with years and decades behind us, without maximising the potential we had at the time.

As the old saying goes, “If you don’t change direction, you’ll end up where you’re headed”. If where we are headed is where we want to go, all good – but what if it could be even better?

One of our great human advantages is that we can collaborate, co-operate and work together in a common direction. This is especially fulfilling for those working together on behalf of a compelling vision.

There is not a lot more satisfying than joining together with others sharing a common cause.

Many a great idea has gone down the tubes because the “how” could not be seen from the “now”.

That is why we need visionaries.

They can see beyond the present to future possibilities and know that with a will, the “how” will get figured out along the way.

As the late great Richard Buckminster Fuller said: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

When it comes to ideas generation, quantity leads to quality, so let your ideas flow without censoring. Just because you cannot see the “how” just yet, never let that prevent exploring what is possible.

Share them with friends and others who are receptive. Test the waters and be open to feedback. See what sticks and go from there.

Encouraging others’ ideas is one way to open up to innovation in business and the community at large. There are so many ways to contribute your ideas – what matters is you add your voice.

Of course, once we create the space to share the next step is listening. Listening really means being open to being changed by what you hear.

A closed mind is never listening.

Being deliberate about the direction we take is all about consciously evolving. Our town and region will evolve anyway because evolution has no stop button, but we have never been in a better place to deliberately choose our general direction and best path forward.

The time is right.