People detox not all bad


The last time I spent this much time at home in the space of a month I was tripping on methadone after back surgery.

I don’t really recall much of that time, except that doing some laundry and having a shower was a pretty good achievement.

In current times, I have found myself wondering: “When did I last shower?”.

Well my hair isn’t gross, so it must have been within the last week – that’s positive.

To be fair, I’ve been finding isolation to be pretty good overall.

It’s like a people detox, and after a few months chockablock full of human interaction between working in customer service and playing band gigs, perhaps this is just what was required.

This is the least tired I’ve felt in a long time.

There never has been a better time to be alone in life! I do empathise with those people stuck in a house overflowing with people, but am also thankful to not be in one of those houses.

My house is not empty though – I have three dogs, three cats and the politics that goes with that.

I stole the “napping couch” back from my Great Dane, and she was not impressed.

It’s a large couch which I have squeezed into a small lounge space in the middle of my 100-year-old house so I can make the most of all of the firewood I’m burning while binge-watching Friends.

I’m up to season 3, so I think I’ll be good to make it through to Level 2 with ’90s comedy on tap.

Yes, I have to kind of climb over the couch to get to the kitchen and a spare room, but it’s totally worth it.

I had some spare cats in the spare room during Level 4 – I picked a couple up from the SPCA pre-lockdown, because their futures were otherwise uncertain.

If you can’t change the world, change the world for one cat (or in my case two) – an Instagram-worthy caption right there!

The dogs have been having a lovely time, following me around while I do yard work.

I have finally backfilled the retaining wall, a job I meant to do about three years ago.

Hey dogs, if you want to dig holes, now is your time to shine!

Unfortunately, they have continued to prefer digging holes in the middle of the lawn – thanks, team.

Potatoes, triffids and pirate treasure – there have been many things for me to find while digging.

The lawn has been mowed, the firewood has been stored undercover and I’ve eaten too much beer bread (I recommend adding allspice, brown sugar, dates and walnuts).

Many things have not been achieved.

I didn’t get fitter, I didn’t learn to play the button accordion, the lounge still isn’t painted and I’m yet to clean my truck.

Now we wait and see what the future holds, what the next week brings, and what will be the new normal.Running sneakers【メンズ】2021年最新版!アウトドア系ファッションの人気ブランド30選