The chairlift kind of freaks me out


Winter is here, and I still have to mow the lawn?

That hardly seems fair.

I used to quite like winter – playing ice hockey, snow days, log fires.

But somewhere along the way I fell out of love with winter.

Perhaps it was that stretch of my life where I had five years of endless summers.

Endless summers do make for the perfect tan and natural highlights in your hair. Ah, those were the days.

Except that October I spent in North Dakota was quite wintery, and I packed for summer ideal.

I do fancy myself as a bit of a snowboarder, I own the gear so I must be!

Although, I’ve only been up the mountain twice in the past seven years and the last time I went, I was about to make it off the learners’ slope (which I had all to myself) and my binding broke.

Luckily a fellow snowboarder (who can actually snowboard) had a spare beer for me as a consolation prize.

I guess I had better give my board a service before I head up the slopes again this year.

The chairlift kind of freaks me out, though. I do fall down a lot for no reason, and getting off a chairlift sounds like a reason to fall down, so I think we all know where that’s going.

I recall heading to Ohau several years ago, taking groups of kids up the mountain for a school holiday programme. That gave me a convenient excuse to stay on the learners slope, until such time as the kids graduated to the more advanced trails.

They would then drag me up there, and what I remember from this experience was them coaching and encouraging me to keep going after I face-planted into the slush. I remember that slush well, we had a very close relationship.

Winter has also highlighted that I have a problem – a woolly hat problem.

I did a bit of a count up and I have at least a dozen – and I want more!

I do work in one of the coldest corners of Oamaru, with 10 minutes of sun just before closing time, so I figure that’s more than enough justification to buy more, right?

Plus, I don’t really need to do my hair if I wear a hat!

My current go-to hats are made in Kakanui, and I highly recommend you check out Frost and Fibre.

I do love some locally made woollies, and it seems like the whole region is on a bit of a shop local buzz at the moment.

That is one positive to come from the current state of world sticks!Running SneakersNike News