Palmerston to celebrate 150th anniversary


Palmerston celebrates its 150th anniversary during the weekend October of 18-19 and will hold a special tree-planting ceremony to commemorate the event.

A meeting of community leaders was held on Friday to continue planning for this historic milestone, along with the 50th anniversary of the Palmerston Playcentre and the run to the top of Puketapu hill, Kelly’s Canter.

Waitaki District Council Waihemo ward councillor Kathy Dennison chaired the meeting, which included representatives from the Palmerston Lions, business and craft groups, playcentre, Sport Otago and the Waihemo Community Board.

Mrs Dennison said it was a very positive weekend for the community and those present heard that it was a community in good heart.

Business group member Maria Barta said one of the great strengths of Palmerston is that it is a junction town, it supported the rural and mining communities and had high volumes of traffic through.

“Things are good in the town,” she said.

“It’s also becoming a lifestyle town and some people are choosing to travel and work in Dunedin.”

Palmerston was originally surveyed in 1862 but was given its name and surveyed a second time in 1864. The town was named after Viscount Palmerston, Henry John Temple, who was British prime minister at the time. The museum are putting together a commemorative booklet to mark the occasion.

A memorial tree is to be planted in the main street at 11.30am on Sunday, October 19, and Waitaki district deputy mayor Hugh Perkins is to attend the ceremony. A water fountain is being gifted to the community from the Palmerston Gateway to Gold Charitable Trust, which will also be placed on the main street.



TEAM TALK: A number of community groups took part in a meeting on Friday to discuss upcoming events in Palmerston. Pictured (from left) are Ken Brown (deputy chairman Waihemo Community Board), Kathy Dennison (Waitaki District Council councillor), Maria Barta (business group member), Megan Gallagher (Palmerston Playcentre president) and Ron Sheat (Palmerston Lions).

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