Car thefts ‘an ongoing problem’ – police


Thefts from cars continues to be a problem in Oamaru, with police catching a number of youths re-offending.

“It’s an ongoing problem,” Constable Carl Pedersen said.

“People need to be aware of not leaving valuables in sight in cars and not leaving cars unlocked – in particular in the Clyde St and Eden St areas, but not limited to.”

Constable Pedersen said police were dealing with a number of young people in relation to thefts from cars.

One youth was this week found to be absent from home and later located with some property. Police are unaware where it has come from.

“There’s more than one. There’s a number of young people in Oamaru who are regularly offending,” he said.

“It’s opportunist stuff – windows left open, cars left unlocked.”

He said the offenders were not averse to going up driveways either, where their offending could happen out of sight.

“So if you’ve got your car in the driveway, you still need to make sure it’s locked,” he said.

By Rebecca Ryanspy offersNike